Benefits of Whats2doo

Easy help for your concerns
You'll find the perfect helpers for your ToDo within seconds. With just a few clicks, you can set up your ToDo and have it done permanently. It could not be easier.
Qualified Helpers
The best helpers for your ToDo from your neighborhood will be presented to you and will come to you immediately.
Best Reviews
You can see all reviews from other users who have asked the helpers before you.
fairest prices
You set the price you are willing to pay for your todo. The helpers decide for themselves how much they want to earn at least. So the payment is always fair
Easy Payment
You can easily pay with your helper and pay in cash - of course, only when your request is successfully completed. This is the safest form of settlement.
Highest satisfaction
If you are not satisfied, we'll take care of it with our 24/7 support.
Smart Algorithm
We've developed a Do-What-You-Love algorithm that only lets you see the helpers and ToDos that suit you.
Clarify any open questions in the chat, even before a service is created.