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How it works

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Benefits of Whats2doo

Simple help
Within seconds you will find the perfect helpers for your ToDo. With just a few clicks, you can set up your ToDo and have it done. It's that easy.
Best reviews
You see all the reviews from other users who have hired the helpers before you.
Fairest prices
You set the price you are willing to pay for your todo. The helpers decide for themselves how much they want to earn at least. Meaning, the payment is always fair. You can easily make the payment with your helpers and you can also pay in cash - of course, only when your request has been successfully completed.
Clarify any questions you may have in the chat, even before a service is established.

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Testimonials from our users

Paul Eichmann
"Whats2doo gives me more time for my kids. More time for my passions and hobbies. More time for me!"
Melanie Bach
"I use Whats2doo to earn money as a babysitter. The verification of my profile worked flawlessly and I get to meet nice families from my neighborhood every day. "
Alexander Kastner
"As a personal trainer on Whats2doo I do exactly what I love. Keeping myself fit and helping other people to be active."